Kugoo S1 electric scooter

Very cool stuff! Very useful! I can offer to buy! There are just few thing I do not like. The control range is very narrow of both accelerator and brake lever. With half gas I can only go on very smooth road. Otherwise no chance keep the lever on half gas. The brake is worse to control. It look like a simple on-off switch with timed rump up brake force. I couldn't set half brake force for longer than 1 second. Brake becomes either 100% or 0% very soon. There was loud noise due to shaking battery, but I could fix it. I have whetted 1-2 mm from the button of lamps what are on the end of hand arms, because I couldn't leaning it against a wall without swithed on the lamp.


Mudguard rubber, 2019 December 30

All wheel drive

All wheel drive for Kugoo S1, 2019 October 06

Extra Light

Extra lights into reflectives, 2019 September 15


Silencing of electric scooter, 2019 September 12


Unpacking of electric scooter, 2019 September 11