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Latest update: 22. October 2016

Here is my personal webpage. I use to learn the web techniques and programming script languages by developing this page.

The page was first created in 2001 to understand with Internet. not just as a user but as a website servicer. Since than the site is used mostly by my friends. Here are photo galeries about events of my friends group and other news, descriptions, photos what would be interesting for anybody who browses the Internet. Furthermore there are contents what was created just for solve webtechnical challenges.

There are many content can be seen only if you are registered users and logged in. Please login or register to be visible all content.

Further contents in the topic

A small padlock on the last column means the content can be seen only by persons who has the necessary right. Now you hasn't got.

Topic Refreshed Pic Video (Audio)
My childrens 22. October 2016 6171 210
My activities during hobby 19. October 2016 4809 10
Pictures of my friendsgroup 10. September 2016 8789 70 (15)
Who is who 7. June 2011 1292 900
Description and many more information about the homepage 28. May 2011
Message Board 7. December 2010
Downloadable softwares and documents 16. April 2006
Administration interface 28. May 2000
Summa 21061 1190 (15)

General information

Who is who

It is simple society website function. Registration is needed for this service. Fill up and reveal your profile and you can browse the other users who have also done it.

If you are VIP member you can see my profile without reveal your profile. This is instead of old "About me" page. I have left the famous society sites because they are to difficult to use and there are many advertisments. My data which were there are available here.

You don't need to fill up every fields. Just what you want. This is not a serious game. The number of registrations in the webpage are under 100. The actives are about 10-20.

The data are handled confidentially. I will not give it to anyone. The data are used only for inform members each other.

Here there is no advertisement and there will not be in the future. I know that WIW wrote also this and this was the cause of renaming to IWIW, but here there will not be realy! :-)

Only one avatar can be uploaded to profile. Other photos and galeries don't. The avatar will be displayed in 200 x 200 pixels box. The smaller will be enlarged, the bigger will be made smaller and the aspect will be kept.

General information

User levels

There are the following user levels:

  • Strangers: Content available without access.
  • Members: Content available with single membership.
  • VIP members: Only for my close friends.

Content available without access

The general contents are also available without registration and login. The general contents what are in the page for found by anybody. Perhaps it should be useful. For example programs to download and my hobby pictures.

Content available with single membership

Content which are presented for not just anybody. For example pictures of my friens group.

Content available with VIP membership

VIP contents are some galleries of my friens group, pictures about my childrens. These can be seen only by VIP membership. Without that these are marked by small padlocks.

General information


The items of list are ordered by date. The upper is the latest. The subcontents can be reach from here, the right content box.

You can see some more details about topic if you put the the mouse cursor on the topic. Of course only if the topic has detailed description. I try to prepare that.


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Bütyi's webpage

28. October 2016

Nameday: Simon, Szimonetta

If you have any idea regarding an other background picture please write it to me!

This was the only picture where I am on the left side of the picture. :-(